Learning Support Services

The Learning Support Services program acknowledges that our students have diverse backgrounds, interests, and learning differences. It is designed to help support and enrich the academic learning of all students identified with special learning needs. When needed, Individualized Education Plans and classroom accommodations that support the curriculum and provide appropriate learning goals for students with specific learning difficulties are made in collaboration with parents, classroom teachers and other professionals. All Brent students, including those in LSS program must meet and maintain academic goals and benchmarks according to his or her level and follow the Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs).

Students in the LSS program are classified into three levels depending on the services that they are receiving from the LSS team.
Level 1 (Monitor Level) These are students who are being followed-up but are not receiving Skills enrichment or Push-in/Pull-out support from the LSS Team;
Level 2 Students receiving 15 or fewer blocks of Skills Enrichment in a period of two weeks and with Push-in/Pull-out support in classes; and
Level 3 Students receiving more than 15 blocks of Skills Enrichment in a period of two weeks and with Push-in/Pull-out support in classes.
The performance of an LSS student is evaluated at the end of each semester to determine any change in leveling through progress reports, teacher recommendations, and the accomplishment of an evaluation form.

Anytime during the school year, a classroom teacher or specialist can refer a student to the LSS program due to academic, behavioral, or emotional difficulties. The School Counselor also acts as the LSS Coordinator and she is able to provide both advice and support for students, as well as for the parents of these students referred in the program.

Learning Support Services (LSS) Team

The Learning Support Services Team assists students who experience certain academic difficulties. This Support can take several forms:

In-Class Support: An LSS teacher or an assigned shadow teacher will support identified students who require additional learning support within the classroom.

Pull-Outs: Students are assisted out of class or pulled-out from the classroom for more intensive individualized instruction with an LSS teacher. The students who require this support are those having serious difficulties in a particular subject due to deficits or gaps in skills and knowledge (not mainly due to second language learning) and are performing at least 1.5 years below their grade level in reading, writing, and/or Math.

After-school: Students diagnosed to have moderate to severe learning disabilities can avail of an intensive educational therapy program on a twice-a-week, 8o-minute per session schedule. Remediation programs to build on foundation skills in reading, writing, spelling. and Math are also available after-school for students with the same learning profile as those accepted for pull-outs.

The LSS team also recommends accommodations and modifications which could be used in class by subject teachers to help facilitate the learning of students with academic difficulties. Drafting of Individualized Education Plans (IEP), testing and assessment, as well as referral of students to psycho-educational specialists are also part of the support given by the LSS team.