JCo Officers for SY 2017-2018

President          : Rae Antoinet Padilla
Vice President : Phylan Matheus Salvador
Secretary          : Taryn Nicole Avramidis
Treasurer         : Luven Margaret Pescador

Homeroom Representatives

Grade 3
Kim Seoyul  (Sofia); &
Elijah Galamay

Grade 4
Marian Catherine Cascato; &
Jairus Matthew Keith Torcuato

Grade 5
Andréa Damperon
Alexander Sebastian Hirsch


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A Junior Council (JCo) operates in the Lower School from grades 3 through 5. The four officers are elected by Lower School students and faculty and serve for the entire school-year. Grade 3 – 5 classes each elect two class representatives every semester to allow more students the opportunity to participate. This enable students to experience leadership in a safe environment. JCo becomes involved in, or runs at least four events each school year.