January 5, 2017

 Dear parent/guardian, 

 With the prevailing chilly weather, and the need for our students to be warm and comfortable in school, effective Monday, January 8, students are allowed the following considerations regarding their dress.

 * Girls may wear white/black tights in lieu of white socks. 

* Students may wear thicker and warmer non-school jackets or coats. These should be of a kind that reflects the decorum of our school: no camouflage or army jackets, nothing too colorful, outlandish or provocative. 

 Please note that while the school acknowledges that some students may need thicker coats, we encourage students to dress for the cool weather by wearing layers of Brent apparel rather than non-school clothing. 

 Please note that the Brent uniform must still be worn beneath jackets or coats.  

 These considerations are in effect through Friday, February 23 when we expect the weather to warm up.


Ben Josephson
School Principal