Through the years, we have consistently produced graduates who have been accepted to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities around the world. Below is a list of colleges and universities where our students applied and were accepted.

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Lady Bulldogs picking up momentum by the end of Day 1. Way to go!!!
Lady Bulldogs get their first victory at ISAC! Two straight sets against BISM. Good work ladies!
The Lady Bulldogs won their first set against BISM 25-18! Go Bulldogs! #Bulldogsvolleyball
Waiting for the next few games. Both teams will square off against BISM at 3 and 4 PM.
Both Bulldog teams are excited to turn things around against BISM next round at 3PM and 4PM
Boys played hard but had a tough loss against Faith. Lost in the third set 15-13.
Tough loss for the ladies 15-13 in the 3rd set. Go work on the first game!
14-13 for Faith. BiSB serving to try and come back.
11-11 3rd Set all tied up BISB Girls vs Faith/
10-9 for Faith in the 3rd set.
After the change of the court. 8-4 Bulldogs!
Girls up 5-1 in 3rd set. Dana Salvador comes in as a spark plug with three solid serves.
The rust is now shaken off! Bulldogs are now playing some great volleyball.
3rd set is starting in two minutes! Go Bulldogs!
Girls lost first set 25-12 to Faith but comeback to win the second set 25-22!

The International Baccalaureate Program

In grades 11 & 12, Brent follows a program based on the curriculum of the International Baccalaureate Organization. The IB Diploma program is based on the principle of learning to learn. It requires all students to take three subjects at Higher Level and three subjects at Standard Level. For students who may not be able to fulfill the requirements of all six IB course in addition to the core program of Community, Action, and Service (CAS), Extended Essay, and Theory of Knowledge (TOK), individual IB subject certificates may be granted for the the exams. A good pass at Higher Level normally gains credits toward North American College courses.

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Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs)

We expect that each individual will make a unique contribution to achieving our learning results and we would like our students to be able to work individually and cooperatively to produce quality outcomes.